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We Don’t Cost More, We Just Care More

Ravin Shah, owner/pharmacist always intended to return to New York and open his own pharmacy. One day in Lexington, and one lunch break, changed all that. While doing relief work on an especially hectic day at Lexington’s Eckerd pharmacy, Ravin decided to grab a quick lunch in the Forest Hill Center. He noticed there was an available space and immediately felt, “this is the place”. Some would call it coincidence, Ravin swears it was just meant to be.

Since we opened our doors on 07/11/2006, Ravin has practiced his philosophy of one on one customer service and counseling. He focuses on building relationships, not square footage. He’ll take the time to answer your questions and address your prescription needs and health concerns. Here at A1, we care deeply about our customer’s health and well-being. We invite everyone to come in and see that “patient care is our passion”.

  • Patient care is our passion.
  • We don’t cost more We just care more.
  • Only fully accredited pharmacy in lexington.
  • Don’t fall into donut hole.

Only fully accredited Medicare Part B pharmacy in Lexington!

Don’t forget to check out our dollar section containing cleaning and school supplies, baby wipes, hair products and toiletries; all for only a dollar.

At A1 Pharmacy, you’ll pay the same price for your medication with a prescription card as you would at any other pharmacy. We don’t cost more, we just care more.

Don’t fall into the DONUT HOLE!

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